Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for you. It’s not always easy to choose a photographer and theres so many choices out there. Each photographer will provide a different style, quality and overall customer experience. For myself I aim to achieve a natural finish which captures the day in its magnificence and whilst I will take the…

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Choosing the Right Camera

Are you just beginning to learn photography? Are you looking for an upgrade? Are you upgrading from a point and shoot? Photography is for everybody. It should be fun and exciting, taking you new places and on adventures. 99% of people today use their phones as their main way of capturing memories and events.┬áSome photographers…

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Dog Photography

Tips & Tricks – Setting the Diopter

I feel it suitable to begin my blogs ‘tips & tricks’ section with ‘Getting it right’. Starting on the beaches near Middlesbrough on the North East Coast I quickly learnt that only 3 of 500 photographs were to a standard which I deemed ‘usable’. I use the word ‘usable’ as I am talking about being…

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