Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for you.

It’s not always easy to choose a photographer and theres so many choices out there. Each photographer will provide a different style, quality and overall customer experience.

For myself I aim to achieve a natural finish which captures the day in its magnificence and whilst I will take the bride and the groom away for up to an hour to get some ‘posed’ shots I intend to keep the rest of the day to the happy couple.

Most people don’t understand what goes in to being a photographer at a wedding. The preparations, the consulting, choreography and the not but least editing of photographs and delivery.

Each of the above elements carefully arranged and implemented into the package ensure that only the finest photographs are produced.

The Preparations and Consulting

This is probably one of the most important parts for a photographer. Meeting the couple is the first stage, this can be carried out face to face depend on location or over the likes of FaceTime or Skype. What this allows for is an introduction to me, your photographer, and yourselves. Imagine going down to the local pub, sitting down with a stranger and talking about your life, It would be quite awkward and discomforting. Therefore a relationship must be built so that there is a certain comfort factor. After all, these will be photographs which you will hopefully carry for the rest of your lives.

It also gives an opportunity to express what you want and what your photographer can deliver upon. Again all of this is developed through communication and understanding. This can be carried out during one consultation or over several to ensure all your plans, worries and expectations are taken into account. We are all human and change our mind daily. One day you may want a pre-wedding shoot, the next you may want the addition of props, ideas of your own and so on.

There is then the event itself to prepare for. Some couples opt for a Church wedding with a venue afterwards, some  opt for a registry office, some for a country house / castle, and then of course you have others going for a field. Each of these pose difference challenges and knowing where the best places to take photographs needs some pre-planning. Therefore a visit before the big day is always a must. It also provides an opportunity to meet the staff, understand their roles and plans for the day.

The Choreography

Everybody want the family photograph, the group shot, the bridesmaids, the groom and his best man etc, etc. All of this must fit seamlessly into the day. It must be stress free and comfortable for everyone. What i find works best on the day is the nomination by the bride and groom of a close family member who has the best knowledge of everybody they possible can. It is their sole purpose to get everyones attention and direct them to where they need to be. This stops confusion, creates direction and not but least makes my job a lot easier as in the end I am most likely going to only know the bride, groom and possible a handful of close family members before the day.

Wedding Party - Guests

Editing and Delivery of Photography

The editing of photographs is never a quick effort. Its something which takes hours of work to make sure everything is right. On the most occasion I rarely need to edit photographs. The most common editing I usually turn to is the straighteing (no pun intended). There is then the occasional photograph with a carpark sign or lamp post no body want intruding.

All of this needs to take place before the photographs are presented to the now husband and wife.

Once presented they need to be all composed into a real leather, boxed, wedding album (a standard element of each package I provide). Once composed there are several consultations to ensure each page represents what the husband and wife want.



In conclusion to the above it is safe to say relationships, experience and understanding play a major role in being a photographer. Nothing is always as straight forward as it looks and if you choose a photographer who is will to put the effort in, understand the challenges to face and the organisation on the day then its safe to say you will receive the results you are looking for.

70% of bride and grooms to be generally question the cost of a wedding photographer with the majority saying “well, i’ve been offered a package for £300.00”. My response in generally of that above, plus the equipment cost.

Do you really expect a real leather album, the editing, the time and the effort required for lees than £300? I guess not, particularly when most include a second photographer. This isn’t the point of this blog though. Its to inform you of what goes into a wedding from a photographers perspective.

I hope this provides an insight and if you are looking for a wedding photographer then why not give me a call, we can have a discussion, put a package together which suits you and endeavour upon a relationship which will leave you with photographs to last for the rest of your lives.





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