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I don’t know how this week went for you guys but for me its been a long one with the need for time management, research and development. Not only that but England were knocked out of the world cup following a terrible display to the Wallabies. By the way, did anyone see the moment the photographer got ‘whacked’ right in the face by the ball? I think that probably hurt!

Back to the topic of this blog though.

Ensuring you’re ready for what you’re planning.

It takes years to be able to figure out all the little fiddly settings, styles and custom functions, thats without being able to implement them in a practical way when required. Just under a year ago now I tried something new for Amy and Joe’s Wedding. It was the sparkler shot which some of you may remember.

Sparkler Wedding Photograph
Amy and Joe’s Sparker Photograph at Oakwood Hall, Bingley

Weeks up to the wedding I was practicing and developing the technique to ensure I could achieve the best possible photograph on the day; not at least the brides demand for something special. After all, the last thing anybody wants is to stand outside, freezing and have no result at the end.

As you can see, fortunately for me I managed to get the result I was looking for and through repetition this can be improved. Not only that but if you, like Amy and Joe are getting married then you can have the same ‘style’ of photograph with the addition of sparklers.

What do you want?

I aim to try and add a creating aspect to all photography, making all my portraits and weddings unique to you. Have you seen something which makes you say wow or have an idea then just let me know. My aim generally is to capture what I required on the camera and not have to edit it once its taken. For example, the photograph above is straight from the camera with no editing at all.

As mentioned above, this week has been a long one of research and practice for some new styles and hopefully I can bring them to you soon to see.

By knowing the end result of what you want always helps, but what if you don’t know? Well, thats when things get exciting and you can add new elements of surprise and creativity. You guys can try this at home. Start taking photographs of quirky places or items from different angles. Try using a lamp to light areas instead of a flash. Give it a go and see what you end up with!

Feel free to contact me!

If you have any questions, stuck on what you are looking for then why not book a one-to-one session with me? this could be to refresh on using you camera or on developing your skills and techniques. I work across the North East of England in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Norton, Durham, Hartlepool and into North Yorkshire.

Alternatively, if you’re trying something and struggling to get the result then leave me a message below.

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