Bank Holiday Weekend

We all love a bank holiday and this one for myself turned out particularly good. I managed to escape to the far reaches of Wales for a few nights. That is once I got through the backlogs of traffic and roadworks, a dodgy McDonald’s and thinking we had forgotten the kitchen sink.

The weekend allowed me to get the gear out and recently invested in some equipment which allows for long exposures, this allows me to produce effects which you may have seen in waterfall photographs; similar to the image below:


If you’re looking to do something like this for yourself there is a pretty good guide here:

For me, it was more about taking those breathtaking landscape shots. With long exposure you can capture fluffy clouds and great detail of shadows. As you can see from the feature photograph and photograph below – which is Llyn Gwnant in Snowdonia – how you pronounce that I have no idea – there is a great definition of shadow detail, cloud blur and overall contrast in colours.


Whilst the weekend gave me some time to work through the lens, the weekend also provided a great opportunity to catch up with some friends and more than anything explore.

Hopefully your adventures for the weekend were just as deserving as ours and you managed to soak up some of that much sought out sunshine.


I guess throwing yourself to the ground whilst taking a photographs deserves some ‘odd looks’. Yet I think it makes a good photograph and whilst its not your traditional portrait it is one which makes you look back and laugh.

Back to my long exposure photography I managed to get what I consider to be a great picture of Cricceith Castle. – Most definitely worth the visit.


If you have any long exposure or photographs from your weekends away then feel free to share them in a comment below.

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